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Welcome to the "Oliver!" Online Souvenir Book site guide. You won't find any drop-down, top or side menus here? Simply click forward through the site, or back, using the links at the foot of each page, as if going from page to page in a book. Or return to this guide anytime and make another selection. Think of the "homepage" as the front cover. The "welcome page" as a forward. This page as the index. The "Be Back Soon" page as the back cover. Imagine this site as if you were sitting in your cinema seat browsing the pages of  a newly purchased souvenir programme book. Waiting patiently for "Oliver!" to illuminate the big cinema screen in all its glorious splendour...


The purpose of this "UK based" fan website is to present to the viewer as many original items of "Oliver!" memorabilia as possible, together with brief cast/crew profiles and other interesting info. No video clips or sound files are contained on site; only a vast archive of original memorabilia from the film. Perhaps the largest collection ever assembled in one place on the web?


This website is dedicated to the many multi-talented men and women, boys and girls. Who worked so hard, all those years ago, to bring to the screen this unique musical entertainment  master piece? You are cordially invited to browse: The "Oliver!" Online Souvenir tribute to them.


The site has been optimized for a screen resolution of 1680x1050 pixels. Please note: This site contains no "cookies" or spyware of any description. Simply, come on site and enjoy the presentation...



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